vs. sludge victim

This week I'm going to do a tragically terrible job at looking up and summarizing a general history or etymology of the daily word prompt, then a quick and sloppy compilation of the current events about the word, or something interesting, or weird facts. Because words are fun. Sludge (noun)- some type of generic term... Continue Reading →


vs. knot particularly

I taught myself how to knit this weekend. Rather, I re-acquainted myself with the process. The last time I knitted I was probably 10 years old. I recall it being a particularly tedious task back then but I believe myself matured enough to really be able to sit and take to it. Since I am... Continue Reading →

vs. droll drinking games

Or I suppose a more accurate title might be funny little ways to avoid drinking games. Since alcohol is off the menu for November, here are 10 Things I'm doing to keep myself from drinking alcohol during No-Alcohol November. Eat a lot. I ate half a cake tonight. I had two meals worth of leftovers for... Continue Reading →

vs. neophyte

Neophyte From the late Latin neophytus meaning "Newly planted" I think I prefer things that are "historically planted". Daily Prompt: Neophyte

vs. no alcohol

I like wine... And beer. And gin. And Rum. And pretty much any kind of alcoholic beverage that is put in front of me.  It has been a decade-long love-hate affair.  With age, the negative side-effects of binge drinking have progressed to day-long impairments post-session. While I think "alcoholic" would be an extreme depiction, I'd... Continue Reading →

vs. “no”vember

Why is saying "no" such a difficult task? My inability to state a hard and fast "no" has led me down some pretty unsightly and uncomfortable paths. We are taught from a young age to "be polite," to everyone from our little brothers, to that mean kid in class and even to that creepy old... Continue Reading →

vs. twenty-seven

I'm turning twenty-seven on Saturday.  I thought that this would be the ideal month to participate in a no-alcohol November Challenge as a part of a larger twelve-month challenge.  The hope is that this series of challenges will become a panacea for my ever increasing disdain for goal setting. While I don't think going a... Continue Reading →

vs. goals

Challenge: Life A recent epiphany... regarding my negative stance towards goals and goal setting in my personal life has resulted in a reconsideration of how to set goals for myself. I hate being an adult. I'm doing ok at it. Definitely not where I thought I would be at (almost) 27.  Like your typical lost... Continue Reading →

vs. mystery

Life is a Damn Mystery... Especially if you, like myself, have no idea where it's going or where your purpose lies. 21 Damn Early Days Challenge... Nine months ago, I packed up my life and moved to the city.  While, I previously had everything I was supposed to want, good friends, good job, good things,... Continue Reading →

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