vs. coaches

10 reasons you should say "thanks" to the coaches in your lives this week This week in Canada is National Coaches week.  It's a week to recognize some of the hardest working people you will ever have the opportunity to meet.  It's no coincidence that a many confident and successful individuals have had impactful and... Continue Reading →


vs. irrelevance

"Could you be more irrelevant?" he joked with an evil grin on his plain face. She did not respond right away, but raised an eyebrow and thought for a second. "Probably," she replied icily. He chuckled. For self proclaimed good-guy- feminist, he was inexplicably petty towards some of his female friends.  From time to time... Continue Reading →

vs. the fallen mighty

5 ways your are mighty without realizing it 1.You wake up every damn day. From the deepest of slumbers, or the most sleepless nights, waking up is no easy feat. But everyone does it.  We make it happen, regardless of the fear we have for the day ahead. Do it. Rinse. Repeat. 2. You care... Continue Reading →

vs. adulting

10 Ways to Be a Tentative Adult Some of us "adults" don't have it all together, but in case you do and you're looking for ways to scale back your adulting a little bit, here are ten ways you can delay your responsibilities in life and be an adult who's not really killing it at... Continue Reading →

vs. re-creation

For most of my life, I was anonymous.  The girl nobody recognized.  Just a face in the crowd.  The person people would look at with a blank stare as they began to realize that they knew they should know my name but didn’t. I lived in a world of anonymity. It became something I despised.... Continue Reading →

vs. a peculiar man

Via Daily Prompt: Peculiar A slight man drowning beneath his ill fitting- consignment looking suit moves again to another seat at the cafe. It was his third seat in a different location of the same cafe in less ten minutes. As he settles in, he clasps his pale hands tightly on top of his lap,... Continue Reading →

VS. Overcome

via Daily Prompt: Overcome She continued day after day, week after week in some haze of desperation.  A desire for recognition, affection, and a purpose resulted in her silent determination to turn the misery into some sort of accomplishment. Weeks into months. Months into years. Years of hiding behind an exterior of phony achievement. Afraid... Continue Reading →

vs. social media and blogging

I haven't written a blog post since late May with the end of the Tourism Challenge. Work demands on increasing the amount blog posts we put out for our website have kept my personal blog-writing juices on the down swing.  I also decided to start another larger writing project that is coming together more slowly... Continue Reading →

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