vs. social media and blogging

I haven’t written a blog post since late May with the end of the Tourism Challenge. Work demands on increasing the amount blog posts we put out for our website have kept my personal blog-writing juices on the down swing.  I also decided to start another larger writing project that is coming together more slowly than my indecisive attitude normally allows.

In conjunction with the OvalHP blog and webiste, I’m learning new ways to use social media including instagram (my favourite socmed platform) and twitter (shudder).  I hate, hate HATE twitter.  When I decide I have a message or content to relate, I’m not a person of few words. I like elaborate, intricate ways of saying things. Twitter is all things I despise about social media and marketing. But i get the point. People who use twitter respond positively to clever, short and well crafted messages.  Because people are busy and don’t have time to interpret the meaning behind something more complex. It is foreign and has been more frustrating to learn than basic lines of code I’ve been teaching myself (so I can update our website).

Despite the slow progress with this area, I know that the areas I’m spending time on are still closely related and applicable to things I want to do with this. I don’t feel the pressure, nor guilt as I normally would have.  I once felt a failure for starting things and not finishing them.  The great thing about a blog is that they are typically open ended. If a blog ends, it just means the authors or contributors and moved on to another project. There is no real ending. At least not to this one.  As long as I continue to see growth in my professional and personal areas that are mutually beneficial I see myself heading in a more positive and healthy direction.

Getting away from those negative thoughts and head space that used to plague my dreams.  Living more balanced each day.  Feeling guilt free for what you taught yourself to once feel guilty about.

Isn’t that sort of what everyone is aspiring for?


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