vs: tourism challenge day 15

Approaching the midway mark, and the exhaustion is setting in. If I want to reach my goal of 40 stamps I am going to have to start incorporating some weekday visits. June 2nd is fast approaching and I am sitting at 17 stamps.  The minimalist in me is whispering “20 is good, 20 is enough to earn your privilege pass for the year”. HOW can a person be so lazy? I have four weeks left.  Can I not just power through and meet one personal goal? Classic Kass, so much potential. Can I ever overpower the sloth inside?

I guess I’ll keep trying. I’m lucky my aunt is in on this with me.  We had a wild weekend.  Yes, that’s right WILD (we went to the zoo).  I remember, the few years I lived in Aldergrove, we would always drive past the zoo.  I have a pretty good visual of myself as a six year old kid being very disappointed about never getting to go- despite driving past it a few times a week.

So, twenty years later, I am finally experiencing my first zoo (other than animal kingdom at Disney World when I was eleven).  Surprisingly less depressing than our visit to the aquarium.  Of course it’s still sad to see animals in enclosures. There is no getting around it. I just continue to attempt to see the benefits of holding these animals hostage (I’m being dramatic, for some of the animals it is the best place for them to be living their lives).

I digress. Happily impressed with the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  The staff are friendly, the animals look well taken care of and have what seems to be an OK amount of space.  The zoo itself is pretty big, it took us two hours to wander the grounds.  And of course, it rained. We scooted through the last quarter of the park to try and delay getting completely soaked.


Crowd pleasers: The Red Panda, Moose, flamingos, peacock,  bald eagle, tiger…


We mistook two statues of turtles for the real thing.  Funny the tricks your mind can play on you.

Onwards. We hopped in the car and pressed on towards Yale and Hell’s Gate, where we planned to meet up with brother bear, Kyle who I haven’t seen in about a month.  He’s out in southern interior practicing to become a river rafting guide.  What a cool dude. As we get close to Yale, there are signs of road closures further up the highway.  By the time we get to Yale we find out that theirs been an accident up near Boston Bar, and Kyle is stuck in traffic. After a little while he decides to head back, unsure of when the road might open back up.  Angie and I decide to head on into the Yale Historic Site.


Yale Historic Site: Barkerville meets Hat Creek Ranch.  It’s got that southern feel to it with all the BC Gold Rush History.  It’s tiny, but well run and maintained.  Anyone driving the highway from Northern BC, or the Prince George region to the lower mainland drives right past this little gem.  Yale is one of those little towns on the side of the highway between Hope and Hell’s Gate that your not sure is a town until you see a sign saying “Thanks for Coming”.  It’s got the feel of a living ghost town, in that people still live and work here, but the silence, lack of people and movement is eerie.  If you’re a fan of BC’s Gold Rush History and you are looking for a convenient site to hit up- this is the one. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to make your way through the site, they have a clean bathroom and it’s easy to hop right back on the highway.


Hell’s Gate Airtram. Another one of those things I remember passing a lot as a young kid, wondering if today was the day mom or dad would pull over during the long drive between Vancouver and Prince George and let us ride the damn air tram!  A five minute trip across the canyon takes us to another Gold Rush Historic site.  There is a way to hike down, rather than take the tram (which I would try next time), and a bridge to bring you across the roaring rive to the historic site.  The site has a fudge shop, cafe, panning for gold and a few exhibits.

We headed over to the bridge where Angie frolicked as she does and I walked on my hands like I do.

The site lost power on our ride back up to the top.  I have less of a problem with heights than I do with being in an enclosed space. But combine being stuck in a tiny box over top of the Fraser River resulted in a nervous and snappy Kass. I might have also been hungry.

Till next time!



3 thoughts on “vs: tourism challenge day 15

  1. MNL says:

    I’m impressed you can walk on your hands. The zoo pics are pretty cool. Like you, I have mixed feelings about zoo but they look like they are in a natural looking habitat. I doubt the tiger likes the rain though; cats usually don’t.


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