vs: working with perfection

It was love at first sight. I ranted and raved about how much I loved it. Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing. Strong and positive first impression. A few funny quirks. By all means, love. One of those loves you jump right into. Few things to worry about. One of those things where your friends, family and co-workers are worried about you, about how serious it’s getting so fast. One of those relationships that just feels so natural so quickly.  Despite all this, it’s one of those relationships that can make you feel great disdain for what was once the object of affection.

Just to be clear, I’m describing the membership and booking software I’ve recently started working with.

In the first few weeks I was excited- like you are when you get into a new relationship, make a new friend (or start a new job). The prospect of something new drew me into it’s web.  I had worked with a program that yielded similar results for six years prior.  One might have expected me to be an expert within that time that time. I’m embarrassed to say I am not.

This love affair does not end well.  After weeks and weeks of being hot n’ heavy with this program, seeing it for all it’s potential, all it’s glitzy and glam features, for it’s promise to do things the last program didn’t; I finally realized this week that this program, much like a few of my past human relationships, fizzled around the three months mark.  Once we really got to know each other and realized all of each others’ potential was no more than potential. It betrayed me, after I had invested so much care and time. I was blindsided (again some weird parallels here to my personal life!).

This week, the most perfect of minds reared its ugly head and backfired on me. In an effort to try a process that appeared to be more efficient, I may have inadvertently created or at least contributed to problem that we were trying to fix. As I have heard, more often than not, it is the user to blame for a technological problem, not the program itself.  And now I’m back to relating this to my personal life.  It’s still nice to look at, can deliver in a lot of areas, is relatively popular, doesn’t do a lot wrong if you keep things simple, but as soon as things get complicated, it kind of becomes a bit of a dick.


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