vs: Day 1 tourism challenge

Tourism Challenge 2017 Day 1 was a success.  The weather has been, well, rainy. Surprise, surprise.  Angie and I decided to avoid the out-doors attractions and save them for later:

Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Museum of Anthropology
Museum of Vancouver
H.R MacMillan Space Centre
Maritime Museum

Luckily we had a number of indoor museums and centres to hit up.

1. Beaty Biodiversity Museum


Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from a biodiversity museum.  But, I was pleasantly surprised. Dead things. Frick yea. Cool.  Skeletons and preserved specimens of all kinds of plant and animal life.  Love this shit.

p.s. how freakin cute is my aunt!? plus the freaky skeleton stuff. Awesome!

Alright, so parking kind of sucked for this- had to pay UBC rates since it’s on campus. I would pay for a full day next time, considering the Museum of Anthropology and UBC Garden’s are on Campus- but today we were on a mission. Get our stamps and move along.

So, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Cool dead stuff. Aisles and aisles of it. Our challenge to get stamps was to make our own species cards. As a soft- scientist, I am far from experienced in the hard sciences (real science).  I did however, learn the latin name of the honey bee, about its climate and food chain. WOAH!? (#amiright?!)  Lot’s of other neat stuff going on in this museum. Plus, I kind of like looking at dead things.

2. UBC Gardens Museum of Anthropology

Second on our list was supposed to be the UBC Gardens, but considering the monsoon outside, Angie and I weren’t particularly keen on getting swimming through the garden.  So, we moved on to the Museum of Anthropology. In another life, I would have been an anthropologist.

unnamed (11)unnamed (12)Typical, naive and less-than detail oriented Kassidy was excited to take pictures of what were later pointed out to her as phallic wooden statues (above).  I could have spent hours in this museum.  The challenge at the MOA was to find two of the “touchable” exhibits and report back.  Angie found a bear to hug instead:20170422_131645

Currently, they have an exhibit on about the amazon.  Angie, favored the informational details in the amazonian exhibit, while I was all about the traditional hammocks:

3./4. Museum of Vancouver & H.R MacMillan Space Centre


OK, so despite being a huge anthropology buff, I have to say my favourite stop of the day was the Museum of Vancouver and the H.R MacMillan Space Centre.  Two stops in one! How could you not! Ok, so out of the two I’d definitely pick the museum over the space centre if you had to, simply due to the hip vibe of the museum exhibits.

Right now the Museum of Vancouver has some incredible retro exhibits on display.  Neon signs of Vancouver, plus Vancouver in the sixties and seventies exhibits.  My new neighborhood in Vancouver is Fraserview- so doing a bit of research on the place seemed like fate.  Seriously though- if you are at all into the Canadian history particularly during the era of hippie revolutionary days- check this exhibit out:

But also. Space is neat: We got to hold a meteorite, touch a piece of the moon and got to be astronauts:

5. Maritime Museum:  I was nine the last time I visited this museum.  My brother and I went with our grandma Anne- who was excited to take us to the pirate exhibit (let’s be honest Kyle and I were probably far more excited).  While this museum is probably better suited for the younger crowd, it still has a lot of incredible maritime Vancouver history.

We finished off the day with a neighborhood scavenger hunt. The first neighborhood- Mount Pleasant- is where my aunt lives, so we decided to knock that one off our list (got two stamps for this one).  We had to find clues located at local pubs and restaurants to be able to redeem our stamps.  By the end of the day my aunt had seven stamps, I had eight (I had already received my stamp from work).


We started at 11:30 am and finished around 4pm.  I wouldn’t suggest trying to hit all of these up in one day, but it’s possible.  If you want the full and un-rushed experience I’d recommend the MOA, Beaty and if it’s not raining the UBC Gardens (can’t say for sure on the last one, since I haven’t seen it yet).  Do the Maritime, Space and Museum of Vancouver on another day.  The Space Centre and Museum of Vancouver are in the same building and the Maritime Museum is a short walk away. On a nice day you could walk along the beach after too.

Next week is TBD.



2 thoughts on “vs: Day 1 tourism challenge

  1. MNL says:

    Wow, you covered a lot on that day. love the exhibit pics and the astronaut suit. Looks like you had a fun day (i know it was a while ago for you but I just came across it)


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