vs. the brave

The last few weeks have been tough, filled with sadness and loss.  The past few writings have reflected as such. Here is the final pity party. Let's get positive after this one. This one is dedicated to the brave: #metoo authors Las Vegas survivors, victims, rescue teams Gord Downie Those who bravely face intolerance daily The... Continue Reading →


vs. loyal

#Me Too I will no longer feel a sense of loyalty to my past assailants. I will no longer make excuses for those who thought it was appropriate without consent. I will not feel sympathy, empathy or concern for their future, For they have made me question mine. I will no longer consider "what could... Continue Reading →

vs. the fraudster

Thinking about human nature and how we are all born with no biases, not good, not evil,  not anything, is there one thing that is a guarantee about all humans? We all breathe the same air- unless you're in China where the air quality is often a toxic poison gas. Is there anything else that... Continue Reading →

vs. the exceptionally unexceptional

  We meet a number of exceptional humans in our lifetimes.  The ones so exceptionally wonderful that they inspire us to be better humans.  While those idols are great and probably a more mainstream ideal to focus on, sometimes I think we should recognize those exceptionally unexceptional humans who cross our paths who also make us... Continue Reading →

vs. a modern day taming of the shrew

They all thought they could tame her. The shrew. A vixen by many different names and interpretations, she seduced them with her effortless ability to be whatever they wanted her to be. If they wanted a driven and educated business woman, she was one.  If they wanted a sweet and caring female who did well... Continue Reading →

vs. 4:30am

For anyone who's considering an early morning challenge here are Five things I'm considering after the first five days:

vs. fashionable

Like most millennials living in a city beyond my means, I'm pretty broke.  Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people who are killing it in style, however, I, and probably a vast majority, are not. 

vs. interest

"It's not that I don't love you. I am just uninspired by you and everything you do. It's just that your whole existence makes me question why I even try, why anyone tries. I think I can still love you and not be inspired by you. But I can't be in love with you. Probably... Continue Reading →

vs. damn early days

What is Sleep? Eight months ago I would have said "god no, but you have fun with that!"  Eight months ago I couldn't get enough sleep.  I required at least a nap a day to be able to cope with the stresses of everyday life.  Most people who know me would be surprised to hear... Continue Reading →

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