vs. the jolly and the Scrooge

via Daily Prompt: Jolly As the years have gone by and my transformation to Scrooge McDuck, yes, the Disney version of Dickens classic anti-hero turned hero, the holiday season has likewise become more and more intolerable. I'm unsure if it has anything to do with being an adult child of divorce or my increased status... Continue Reading →


vs. a degree of delusion

via Daily Prompt: Degree DIY December... ...has been off to a not so great start. I blame it on my supervisor who has left me to handle the department with the very helpful assistance of our coaches.  They really have been lifesavers this past week and a half but that hasn't prevented me from almost... Continue Reading →

vs. the dynamic patina

Part II: The Hike brought to you by Daily Prompt: Patina …”so, when you said 10 kilometres, did you in fact mean MILES?!” I last left you at the part where Angie and I realized the hike we had originally planned on was going to end up being 10 miles out, 10 miles back. Not... Continue Reading →

vs. smoke and mirror snippets

via Daily Prompt: Snippet A few weekends ago I was whisked away to the majestically wet Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Here's part 1, a snippet, if you will of the trip. Smoke and mirrors and all. First of all, I love the rain, it called me back to the pacific northwest. Vancouver. Raincouver. Wetcoast.... Continue Reading →

vs. the overdog

I'm a poor underdog But tonight I will bark With the great Overdog That romps through the dark. [from "Canis Major," Robert Frost, 1928] Underdog- the competitor not likely to win or at a disadvantage. #relatable Origin 19th-century dogfights seem to have inspired the creation of this term with the loser of a dogfight being determined... Continue Reading →

vs. the internal gremlin

GREMLIN: first known use in 1920s-40s referring to a tiny mischievous creature causing mechanical malfunction. Old English "gremman" (meaning to anger) + "lin" (from goblin)= gremlin- http://etymology.enacademic.com/17391/gremlin I've never seen the cult classic movie Gremlins, so I believe my understanding of the concept might be a gap in my otherwise flawless knowledge of mythical creatures.  My understanding... Continue Reading →

vs. (have) mercy!

It should be no surprise that "mercy" has anglo-norman (old-french), latin and middle english roots.  Today,  a term for forgiveness, leniency or pardoning had a varried meaning historically, referring to wages, fees, prices. How did it get to where it is today? There was a transition period where it began to mean a reward or blessing- which... Continue Reading →

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